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All our bennys are served on a buttermilk biscuit with your choice of hash browns, mixed greens or tots +$

Breakfast Bowl

2 pieces bacon, 2 breakfast sausage, hash browns, poached eggs, hollandaise, buttermilk biscuit & jam

Chicken Chunk Mac & Cheese Bowl

Fried chicken chunks, mac & cheese

Butter Chicken Rice Bowl

Fried chicken, sauted veg, steamed rice, butter chicken sauce, cucumber yogurt drizzle
(sub chicken for firm, crispy tofu +2)

Chicken Mash Bowl

Fried chicken, mash potato, brown gravy, roasted corn

Chilichew Rice Bowl

Fried chicken dunked in our signature Chilichew sauce (sambal, honey, butter) sauted veg, steamed rice, fried egg, sesame seed
(sub chicken for firm, crispy tofu +2)

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